Episode 1: A Passing Dialogue

Having a passing dialogue is, well, simply put, uncomfortable. Let's get into it, help simplify this dialogue, and get ready together.



Episode 2:  A Crowded Dialogue

Now that you know what 'A Passing Dialogue' is and have a few tips on how to get the dialogue started, let's talk about those coins. More specifically about how crowdfunding has become an option to cover final expenses and wishes. Let's get into it, help simplify this dialogue, and get ready together.


Episode 3: A Paper Dialogue

The data shows that we are actually initiating 'A Passing Dialogue' with the ones we love. But, where do we go from initiating a dialogue to funding our legacy? Think of it like this: we've all had to make a large purchase at some point in our lives. We use the internet, ask friends and even look into our employee discounts. This is no different and it all starts with small steps, like writing down our own final wishes or understanding all the benefits your workplace offers.  Let's get into it, help simplify this dialogue, and get ready together.


Episode 4:  An Ancient Roman Dialogue

Let's talk about collegia funeraticia or burial societies, regardless of their original name it's basically how the most common form of life insurance originated. More specifically into the simply history of and basic intro to burial, preneed and self insurance. Let's get into it, help simplify this dialogue, and get ready together.




Episode 5: A Planning Dialogue

Bucket lists and parenting; both have something is common, a plan. The implementation or achievement of scratching items off the list or bringing a child into this world also require planning. Alan Lakein said "Planning is bringing the future into the present to that you can do something about it now." When life starts lifing, trust me, it is better to have even the simplest of plans than to have none. Let's get into it, help simplify this dialogue, and get ready together.


Episode 6:  A Power Dialogue

Consciousness is at the very core of who we are. Comas put us into a state of unconsciousness. Unfortunately, life still goes on, even when you are unable to speak or make decisions for yourself. Let's start having the dialogue about how to authorize the folks who have your best interest at heart to execute your healthcare wishes.  Let's get into it, help simplify the dialogue and get ready together. 



Episode 7: A Power Dialogue PArt 2

Let's piggyback on the last episode and add..... directives. We generally have an idea of what a directive is; Did you know there are legal directives for you when you are incapacitated? They are called Advance Directives, and they include MPOA and living wills amongst others. Establishing these starts with a dialogue with the ones you love most. We'll cover some basics of directives, but please contact an attorney as everyone's situation, desires, and familial structure is different.  Let's get into it, help simplify the dialogue and get ready together.




Episode 8: A Decision Dialogue

he data shows that a significant amount of us have the role of deciding when it is time for a family member to transition. If you have only had to decide when to put a family pet to sleep, imagine that feeling magnified by 100MM (or infinity). And, you may be able to empathize. But there is a bright side; just because someone else is responsible for those decisions does not mean that you do not have a say regarding the type of care you receive if you were to become terminally ill. You do have a say, and what matters to you, Matters. Let's get into it, help simplify this dialogue, and get ready together.



Episode 9:  A Taboo Dialogue

In the West, death has been seen and embraced as a culturally taboo topic. As if merely speaking the word 'death' will cause a special guest appearance from the Grim Reaper. I personally don't believe that's how it works. Is it uncomfortable, considered hard, taboo, or just a case of Necrophobia? Let's dive into the roots of the fear and anxiety around death, aka passing, and ascend to "understand those fears and how they manifest in ourselves, others, and the world around us." And that, my friends, is what the Death Positive Movement is all about. Let's get into it, help simplify this dialogue, and get ready together.

The Order of the Good Death

2019 Global Wellness Trends: Dying Well

African Cultural Concept of Death and the Idea of Advance Care Directives

Understanding public attitudes to death talk and advance care planning in Northern Ireland using health behaviour change theory: a qualitative study


Episode 10:  A Status Dialogue

Y'all, we have reached Episode 10!!! This is our tenth Passing Dialogue. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for joining me on this journey as we've delved into meaningful discussions about initiating conversations with our loved ones and explored the intricacies of planning for the future.

I wholeheartedly believe that if we encourage you to Get Ready with E, I should lead by example and do the same. Today, I'm eager to delve into how the 'E' in Get Ready with E – is getting ready. It's essentially a status check, a moment where I'll share some intriguing details about how I initiated 'A Passing Dialogue' with my family. Additionally, I'll shed light on the planning process I've undertaken for my final arrangements.

This episode is all about transparency and sharing my personal journey, hoping that it will inspire you to take action in your own preparations.  Let's get ready together!

Episode 11:  A Regulated Dialogue

Ever heard of the 'back forty,' home parlors, or Thomas Holmes? What do they all share in common? They are all elements tied to the past era of home funerals and burials in the 1800s. Fast forward to the present day, and you'll discover that much has evolved. Significant changes have taken place, particularly in the level of guidance provided by federal and state governments concerning burials and embalming. In this "Passing Dialogue", we delve into the historical evolution of these practices and the relevant legislation that has shaped our approach to end-of-life rituals in the United States. Let's get into it, help simplify this dialogue and get ready together.

National Museum of Funeral History

The Funeral Rule

Texas Funeral Service Commission

Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors