The Conversation Project® is a public engagement initiative of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). Our goal is both simple and transformative: to help everyone talk about their wishes for care through the end of life, so those wishes can be understood and respected.  Together we can make these difficult conversations easier. We can make sure that our own wishes, and those of the people who matter most to us (our loved ones, friends, chosen family), are both understood and respected. The Conversation Project offers free tools, guidance, and resources to begin talking with those who matter most about your and their wishes.

The Order of the Good Death's mission is:  To build an eco-friendly, meaningful, and equitable end of life by providing education, resources, and legislative advocacy.  The Order is about making death a part of your life. That means committing to staring down your death fears—whether it be your own death, the death of those you love, the pain of dying, the afterlife (or lack thereof), grief, corpses, bodily decomposition, or all of the above. Accepting that death itself is natural, but the death anxiety and terror of modern culture are not.  

"Everyone deserves a healthy relationship with mortality grounded in accurate facts, science, and history."  - The Order of the Good Death

Life Happens is a nonprofit organization founded in 1994 by industry leaders who recognized the need to provide more people with educational information about life insurance and related products.  Life Happens’ mission is to educate you to get the coverage you need. We don’t sell anything, and we don’t endorse any particular insurance products or companies. 

NOLO Law For All

Nolo's mission is to help consumers and small businesses find answers to their everyday legal and business questions; and to publish reliable, plain-English legal information that anyone can use.

"Cake" may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of end-of-life planning, but we chose it because it's a warm, inviting symbol of celebrating and honoring life. Proactive planning is a considerate and generous act that honors our lives and the lives of those we love. Planning also encourages us to reflect on our final wishes, which can help us live more purposefully and meaningfully in the present. When we think deeply about what's most important at the end of life, we understand what's most important now, and can better appreciate our relationships, celebrate accomplishments, and realize our goals in the precious time we are given.

Funeral Consumers Alliance is the only national consumer organization that monitors the funeral industry, keeping a close eye on industry trends and advocating for fair practices on the behalf of consumers.